Version 0.4
Description Simple critical path scheduler
Environments Windows/Linux command line
Compiler MS VS 12, gcc
Porting plain C, porting is easy.
How to use ? cplans [Options] Input > Output
Input contains the necessary information about all tasks to do, all dependencies between these tasks and about the available resources. Output has the same information, but now all task have a start and finish date. Input and Output are ASCII text files and have both the same syntax.
Call cplans without parameter to see the options. More details can be found in cplans.txt. Also, cplans comes with some sample input files.
How does it work ? Cplans uses the critical path method for scheduling. In addition there is a heuristic for resolving conflicts. See cplans.txt.
How to build ? call mk
How to install ? no installation needed, just copy the files
Author Frank Reglin
License General Public License
Sources cplans_src_0_4.zip
Documentation cplans.txt (in German)
Ideas for further development
  • graphical output
  • Automatic task splitting. Sometimes there are gaps before fixed tasks which can be filled by a part of a subsequent task.