Version 0.5
Description text editor
Environments runs on Linux, OS/2, Windows and cube
(in all cases in text mode)
Compiler Windows: MS VC++ 6.0
OS/2: Open Watcom 1.6
Linux: gcc 3.3.3
Porting The cursor control in text mode differs from system to system, see edt.h and edtsys.c, the rest should be easy to port.
How to use ? Just call edt or edt.exe
Press F1 or read edt.hlp
How does it work ? see source code :-)
How to build ? call mk (Linux) | mk.cmd (OS/2) | mk.bat (Windows)
How to install ? no installation needed, just copy the files
Author Original source code (for PDP11) by Christian Gruner.
Porting and some extensions by Frank Reglin
License General Public License
Binaries edt_bin_linux386_0_5.zip
Sources edt_src_0_5.zip
Documentation edt.hlp
Older versions -
Ideas for further development
  • port to DOS :-)