Version 2.0
Description prints a calendar of any year, one month per page.
with public holidays (for Germany)
Environments Win 32 and OS/2
Compiler Windows: MS Visual C++ 5.0 or 6.0
OS/2: gcc (or 3.2.1) + nmake (MS/IBM)  + rc (MS/IBM)
Porting Common source for OS/2 and Windows. GUI uses native API and resource file, i.e. not very easy to port to other systems.
How to use ? Call the exe and use the dialog ... (german).
This program does not use the standard printer drivers, it just sends characters to LPT1(or any other file or device). Special escape sequences can be entered, HP laserjet 4 is preselected. Note that this only works if the data is written in raw format to the printer !
How does it work ? nothing special, using Easter algorithm made by Gauß
How to build ? call mk.bat(Windows) or mk.cmd (OS/2)
How to install ? no installation needed, just copy the files
Author Frank Reglin
License General Public License
Binaries kalender_bin_win_2_0.zip   kalender_bin_os2_2_0.zip
Sources kalender_src_2_0.zip
Documentation -
Older versions -
Ideas for further development
  • use system printer driver
  • or, make a simple portable printer "driver" (for text only), e.g. just a table with pre- and post codes (like ESC sequences) that depend on printer type and effect wanted
  • port to portable tool kit, like WxWidgets