Version 0.8
Description simple parser generator
Environments Windows, Linux
Compiler MS VS 12, gcc
Porting Porting is easy.
How to use ?
  1. Describe the syntax of your language in XBNF (almost like EBNF, see xbnf.xbnf).
  2. Make parser template and symbol definitions :
    xbnfgen SyntaxIn.xbnf [-Language] ParsertemplateOut SymbolsOut
  3. Language: C (default) | Pascal
  4. If you need EBNF:
    x2ebnf syntax.xbnf > syntax.ebnf
  5. Write a scanner using SymbolsOut. For C there is an 'automatic' scanner. You can now parse your language. Just call the start symbol function in ParsertemplateOut. See the examples in samples und test.
  6. Write your compiler by extending the parser ...
How does it work ? not easy to tell ...
How to build ? In xbnf: mk [test] . In sample: mk
How to install ? no installation needed, just copy the files
Author Frank Reglin
License General Public License
Sources xbnfgen_src_0_8.zip
Documentation see xbnf.xbnf and examples...
Ideas for further development
  • isolate generated output from user code
  • scanner interface for Pascal
  • generate other Languages