Version 0.2
Description playing "hexagon chess" - a chess game on hexagonal boards
Environments Win 32 and Linux
Compiler Gnu Prolog 1.2.16
+ (for Windows): MS Visual C++ 6.0 
and cygwin 1.5.5 to compile Gnu Prolog (see below)
Under Linux with gcc 3.x Gnu Prolog 1.2.16 does'nt seem to work and does not compile anymore -> use 1.2.19.
Porting Porting to all platforms supported by GNU Prolog should be easy, even porting to other Prolog implementations should not be too difficult.
How to use ? see chess3.txt
There are 2 executables, each supporting another board layout: chess3w and chess3f.
chess3X help (X = w or f) gives a short description.
How does it work ? minimax algorithm with alpha beta pruning.
Color output by using ANSI escape codes. Sinces this is not supported anymore in newer Windows versions there is an emulation in putch.c
How to build ? call mk.bat(Windows) or mk (Linux)
Gnu Prolog must be installed. For Windows the available stack space is too small when the internal mapping is used. malloc() is OK (M_USE_MALLOC). See changed source files in gprolog-1.2.16/src/EnginePl. Original sources in subdir orig.
How to install ? no installation needed, just copy the files
Author Frank Reglin
License General Public License
Binaries hexchess_bin_linux386_0_2.zip  hexchess_bin_win_0_2.zip
Sources hexchess_src_0_2.zip
Documentation short user manual in German: chess3.txt
board layouts:   aufstellung3W.jpg  aufstellung3F.jpg
see also doc subdir in the source packet.
Older versions -
Ideas for further development
  • implement missing rules (see user manual or source) 
  • port to OS/2
  • GUI