Version 0.8
Description SER2d simulator
Environments runs on Windows,
tested screen resolutions:
1280 * 1024
1024 * 768
960 * 600
800 * 600 -- with some scrolling
Compiler MS VC++ 8 express  using
MS Windows SDK 2003
WxWidgets 2.6.1
ImageMagic 6.2.6
additionally used
Windows Installer XML Wix2
Porting porting to other systems that are supported by WxWidgets should be easy, provided the screen resolution is big enough.
How to use ? call ser2d.exe
see readme.txt and SER2d.ppt
How does it work ? The programe simulates an old eastern german computer, the SER2d. You can run the original programs (translate from punched tape to file first !) using a simulated console that behaves pretty much as the original one in the 70s.
How to build ? source code is being provided on request
How to install ? no installation needed for ser2d.exe, but ...
... the MS runtime libs must be installed (see readme.txt)
Author Klaus Taeschner & Frank Reglin
License General Public License
Sources on request
Documentation readme.txt
Older versions -
Ideas for further development
  • write/convert more sample programs
  • connect a real punched tape reader